[FANFIC] Is It a Fate ? Chapter 1

Title: Is It a Fate ?
Author: pervybrain
Rate: PG 13
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff
Length: chaptered, not decide yet
Summary: Everything was fine before he jumped into my life, since that my life has changed….myself, my intention, all of it. Eventhough I still folded some pain and trauma, I won’t let you go… we’ve going this far, and there isn’t a way to go back..


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my name is pervy brain, and im 16 yo. ummm.. wait i got confused *.* , OMONA!!! i dont what should i talking here T>T . alright, here i am, im a Cassiopeia and a Hardcore Yoonjae Shipper , im in my 3rd year of high school ! I MEAN IT, in my 3rd year n im still cant stop updating all about dbsk,yoonjae,fanfic,yaoi, yaoi porn and la la la la~~~ Geez... i must be crazy -__- so here i am, making LJ because of twitter cant fulfilling my blabbering *kicked twitter* yeah  but i love spazzing a lot, i love to making trending for our lovely boys and i always call jaejoong with "UMMA" hehehehe~ btw thanks for every author who had already add me as their friend ^^ *deep bow*
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